Wednesday, June 24, 2009

lovely afternoon

So salubrious as to imagine forever this sun, light breeze, 80 degrees; however, Dad says it feels like 114 in Ocean Springs and that feeling is spreading north. I will enjoy this day for everyone in Hades today.
Is it because we have to learn - soul learn - to mature and have to play again the theme we hung up on before, that this world seems in endless strife? So war plays in the many theaters of the globe, and some of us are spared - though we are unsure why (flat feet spirit?). And if we are not armed for combat, I guess we still battle none the less. I know i do, not only weeds in the garden, but stray persistent thoughts eroding confidence and diligence. Though often my mind is blank and slower to respond; I still can fire off retort i would rather have not thought.
So I walk.

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