Wednesday, August 25, 2010

rainy day and cool

Burning junk mail in wood stove this 59 degree morning. Photo by Ez when we played with DD. Yesterday I hiked up to the blue house to play with DD for most of the day...she was amazing, napping for almost two hours and then singing to her little bear for almost another hour! I read in one of the hammocks on the porch - happily gazing at the mountains which stretch further into the horizon than i see from the hollow, more lazy than i would have been in my house! We got a clean diaper, picked up Barnaby James, found our crocs and walked down to my house. After checking the chickens (2 eggs), picking green beans and walking down to the first creek crossing, we cooked dinner. We hadn't finished eating when Baba and Mama arrived to have some roasted vegetables with us.

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