Saturday, May 14, 2011


Blogger up again, in the wet hollar; too wet to plant in the freshly tilled plots which Baldwin worked for me two days ago, too much rain to drink the water directly from the tap. But the flowering is bountiful and my plum tree which has never in its 18 year (?) life produced plums is pendulous with green babies. It's problem was always that it would bloom too soon and suffer frost damage. Eating fresh salads from the earlier planting, potatoes up and looking well and finally a tiny slim asparagus shoot. Monitoring the swollen Mississippi as its bloat moves down to New Orleans; the Army Corp plans to open the Morganza spillway today to divert water from Baton Rouge and New Orleans which will hopefully remedy the dire situation. I keep thinking that Katrina was warning: there really is no way to protect this below sea level city from rising water, not with global warming. Ah, but I am struggling with my anxiety for this once home, birth place, especially as my sons with their families converge there for the memorial for their Uncle Don which is May 21. Working on Heavy Boots who has transformed...may post a picture soon - it is due for pickup in week!

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