Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ben Bernanke

Just a thought to the economist who I don't think is very much in touch with people. Stop encouraging bricks and mortar projects and begin stimulating community! Communities have been issuing bonds to build infrastructure to the detriment of salaries for teachers and county/city employees. Low interest loans do NOT prompt people to save money, not that they can save much on their frozen salaries, if they even have a job. What I'm saying is these low interest rates are promoting borrowing by communities, borrowing without much forethought to the interest they will have to pay. Ordinary people, on the other hand, are having a difficult time getting a loan. Ordinary people with salaries that have stayed the same for years can't afford higher taxes or to save money; it seems to be a stalemate. Sometimes I suspect that the middle class is doomed. Sometimes I think that community script is an answer. I know that I distrust the widening gap between rich and everyone else; it makes me think of gated communities, of houses with high walls topped with broken glass, of children sleeping on streets...Then i think that technology will somehow lace the gap, that ignorance can't withstand easy access. je ne sais pas! Somehow Bernanke got me pissed. 

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