Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I have been commandeered by grandchildren, happily, but the time is hurtling along. Red buds are on the very plump edge. And I am getting a new roof that is absolutely the icing on the cake! Blood root down by the river and woods along creek, and by the house the Virginia bluebells which I transplanted have spread and proliferated. It is blustery but warm.
My rooster, Mahoney died today - a surprise and I just noticed that he looked a bit ragged yesterday; then last night he wasn't on the perch between hens, but asleep on the floor. This morning cold.
Tomorrow I will have grandchildren for an overnight while their parents go to visit very ill friend. I've had Pearl and T. this week while Baldwin and Mindy teach at VT. Even successfully got T. to nap. So perhaps the overnight will be uneventful!

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