Saturday, July 4, 2015

July so soon - Independence Day

The beginning of June I visited Sofia and her people in Houston, between the rains! Jen was in Trinidad for the christening of her nephew for several days, then Ez was in Mexico for work. So I got to be with Sofia, swim time and book time, tea time with dolls and puzzle time, bath time and dinner time. Ez and I went out for sushi - and another night we walked to get boiled crayfish. The highlight of the visit was Fia's 3rd birthday party. Face painter, giant blow-up bounce princess house, piƱata, beautiful cake, delicious jerked chicken Ez cooked - and we managed to keep the kids from the pool. I left Houston the day more rain via a tropical depression was due. But in Charlotte my connecting flight to Roanoke was cancelled and I had to spend the night (when Ez was texting me on my way down, autocorrect turned Charlotte into Cheap Otter!).

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