Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I look forward to this time of play, of family, of good food and happy heart. I never imagined this, surprise gift of hanging in with life with all the amazing love of my two sons and their families. 
The rain before Ez and Jen and Fia arrived raised the river enough that Ez, Baldwin and I took a kayak trip. While I was on the river, musing on the zen of travel by boat, Jen organized the kids into house cleaning. I enjoyed mornings with Fia and her dad, playing with the doll house with Fia, sipping good coffee. The week was intense, leaping into an intimacy of family which most of the year is 1,000 miles apart. And there was so much to do. We did go tubing on the river twice; True in his small blow up boat tethered to Baldwin's inner tube. Fia on her mom's lap, wanting to try the boat. The river cool and fast. 

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