Wednesday, January 8, 2020

After Playa Bonita and Mi familia

It was a wonderful Christmas, beginning in Houston with an exceptional sushi dinner and time with Fia and Jen and Ez before we left for DR. The condo we rented fronted Playa Bonita, the end of the curve by the river which empties into the Atlantic. Baldwin, Mindy, Pearl and True played every day of the almost two weeks; we fixed delicious dinners or went out. Only one mostly rainy day. The day after Christmas we went out on Brycie and Kenny's boat.  A beautiful day, we took turns kayaking to a river on the island we anchored by, visiting a cave and visiting another small island. I could hardly stop smiling with family all together - my heart full full full. Baldwin had a brilliant idea of flipping the puzzle we'd finished (Santa Express) and then he drew a wonderful picture which we all helped to color. When completed we dismantled the puzzle and reassembled it - now it is in my puzzle closet.

The 2019 Christmas Puzzle:

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