Thursday, March 11, 2010

chickens in the news

Chickens that are half male/half female were on the NPR news this morning - prompted into this perplexing split sexual state at the cellular level ; this news while i was sweeping up the spilled bird seed this morning. Interesting, i thought - do these chickens lay? Do they have any sense of their duplicity? What is self-awareness to a chicken?
How do we gauge self-awareness in chicken or man? Is it by actions or self disclosure? Humility?
Merely to realize our short comings or divergence from "normal" doesn't imply a change in those manifestations. We can apply makeup, attend self-improvement seminars, go to qigong, get liposuction or surgery, go to college, etc etc - and still manifest behavior that seems to have no awareness of the other(s).
It's not chickens that befuddle me; it's us. (I think i'm clucking up a blind alley...)

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