Sunday, March 28, 2010

loose goats and shadow stuff

Hiked up to the Blue House twice today, the second time to free the goats who seemed contrite after a night penned in altogether (Sonrisa kicked out of the small shelter!). They are down here again and i think i've patched the gap in the fence they had made by the gate. The goats are goats, but some folks I know are really of an odd gene of human. Last night in the Earth hour darkness (not so dark as the moon is almost full), a friend called ranting about threats to the government, problems with cap and trade (power companies paying Al Gore's bank?)and other paranoid delusions too odd to enumerate. It was a very strange evening and I would have hung up sooner, being extremely turned off by tea party ideology, if I hadn't thought it an opportunity to hear what I usually avoid. It was his mention of "death panels" and "Obama's" birth certificate which jarred me into good-bye. Couldn't even get a word in. I'm certainly no fan of wall street, the "legit" casino...and I agree that most of congress is in the hands of pharmaceuticals, banks &/or oil/chemical corps. However, we desperately need universal health care in America; we need cap and trade to even begin to regulate air quality. I much prefer Michael Moore !

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