Thursday, May 30, 2013

It began

This morning out the door to qigong, I was stopped by shattered solar outside light. Had a deer kicked it from several feet away to break against the stone paving? Or was it a bear thinking the color changing globe edible? Mystery. I ran back inside to retrieve whisk broom as the tiny shards of glass could be hazard to me or to Mr. Lee.
If that weren't enough to mark this day, this afternoon while Pearl ran about the house naked from playing on the water slide, I discovered a copperhead in the plants by the chimney (adjacent to the broken solar globe this morning). I grabbed a shovel nearby and pinned the snake calling out for Alma to bring another shovel. Alma was mercifully visiting, trying to enjoy a glass of wine on the deck! Together we shovel stabbed the snake, gritting teeth and exclaiming how much we hated to kill anything!
Enough excitement for the day! Perhaps I will get the sweet potato slips planted, shake off the memory of snake.

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