Sunday, April 13, 2014

summoning the last year of my 60s

OK, I suppose I am ready for this; a friend is telling people she's 70 before she's 68 - I thought of that. Decided to wait it out. The most challenging part of my 60s so far has been combating my urge to stay home and forgo travel. That and figuring out what to wear, or what you can wear, or how to abort the urge to dress in dots and stripes like my grand-daughter who has by far the most fun wardrobe of anyone. Come to think of it there are other challenges, such as deciding on a new computer - the decision  is made more difficult because the longer one waits the better the technology. Why decide? Well, because I want to preempt the possible slow down of my present model (don't want to jinx anything).
Several people have told me that coffee has been shown to stop the growth of melanomas; one person, with a PHD in biology, claims that can't be decaffeinated. So I made an espresso this morning - got a lot of work done in the garden! Even sanded and painted two metal deck tables I've meant to get to for a year!  Pruned the red buds, weeded - spread hay in the garden between the beds. Even found a dress that i could wear to Trinidad wedding if I can't find something new - that was a desperate matter. There should be a loan-outfit-for-wedding shop - especially for over 50 year olds.


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  1. All that work was good thinking time. You had that outfit right in front of you!