Monday, February 9, 2015

another warm day

This weekend was filled with qigong in Blacksburg, so today was for Mr. Lee and Mojo. Alma did come to take them for a walk on both days; but by the time I got home they were hungry and happy for a short walk in the dark. I am still trying to coax Mr. Lee to face the camera instead of barking at invisible river monsters.  I did the "stand by the stream" standing pose watching the water rush around the rocks.The qigong Saturday and Sunday was strenuous, not so much as to raise sweat, but knees are a bit sore. I just feel like I need a slow day and a good night's sleep.This morning I did follow our warm up routine, in hopes of imprinting the set for class on Tuesday morning. I'll go over it again this evening in lieu of driving into Blacksburg for Robin's class. Yesterday evening when I checked to laying nests, there were 4 eggs!

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