Saturday, April 9, 2016

careening wind - bones cold

Crazy April, snow flurries until this late afternoon; bundled up for walk with dogs - but not warm, nor could I warm to walk. Tried in the wind to cover raised beds, but the wind fought me off - i managed only one of the four. Hay covers small plants, but I think all will survive the 20 degrees - or pray this true. Reading a book, White Dog Fell from the Sky, Botswana in the 70's - beautifully written. A good day to fall into another world of a book - although I suffer the horror of that time, I learn. 


this home that has not been a shell
out-grown, but has coiled inward
creating sound or capturing it
until at heart the center
aligns with nothing
more than me
and all that is 

the universe, i suppose.

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