Monday, April 25, 2016

Trusting in a warming trend

I have been pulling plants out of the green house, assuming that there will not be a frost. Risky, but long term forecasts look good. Geraniums seem happy! The deck looks more lived in; and Friday the deck will be filled with people too. Alma has baby chickens at her house which she will mother until ready to join my 6 hens here, probably not until July or August. True helped me plant some dwarf zinnia seeds in a pot. We duck taped one of my deck chairs whose seat had split. I need to get a few new ones, but am reluctant to get rid of a perfectly good frame...maybe yellow this year? Yesterday evening I planted some more potatoes - I fear that I've used part of a row that sported potatoes last year. I should have consulted last years planting map. The dada spots of green cover Red Bud mountain's head. So quickly spring undoes the winter bland landscape. In the photograph the severed plastic milk jug on the ground is a clever green house Alma made containing many poppy seedlings. 

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