Monday, April 18, 2011

35 years ago it was Easter Sunday

And I remember the day unlike any other Easter after or before; mercifully it was a Sunday, as any other day of the week without a car, I might have given birth at home - unprepared. Baldwin's father worked almost an hour away; my labor was merely an hour - we would not have made the hospital. I can't even imagine how my mother, who was visiting in anticipation of the birth, would have played the surprise role of midwife. Better left unimagined. And here I am with a handsome 35 year old son and his beautiful family within walking distance! Perhaps the best parts of a life are the unanticipated sections, like grand-mother hood. And before that proud motherhood of grown children.

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  1. You did something right, Mary! We need more men in the world like your son. If mine comes anywhere close to being as amazing as yours, I will be blessed.