Tuesday, April 5, 2011

it's April wild mad weather

Thunder and lightning waking the night after one; an inch of rain in heavy bursts. The willows have cast a score plus of extremities...the red bud still not open. So delightful yesterday, Baldwin jumped into the river! Susan and Chris and i raked in Diane's yard, almost sweating, enjoying 80 degrees and our beautiful monk friend looking on...now it is hardly 40 with icy wind.
Busy in the house, just as glad it is too cold to work outside as I'm cleaning today in preparation of a limp sore left arm that I am hoping won't be useless for long. I guess it will be more the stitches that bother and I'll no doubt have a puckered spot where the melanoma was. But I've filled the chicken feeder and I'm hauling about the vacuum cleaner just in case i become a lounge lizard for a week! I realize that would surprise everyone I know including me.
If only the sun would stay out and not stray under clouds which might and did on my quick walk to the river with mr. lee, rain thin icy drops. Mr. Lee enjoyed a bit of my chicken soup on his kibbles and now he's tucked into his fuzzy white ball of a self.

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  1. Happy Day Mary!! Did you and DD make any cupcakes for oh, I don't know..maybe a Birthday???