Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a first for Mr. Lee

Drove up this evening to retrieve the mail i had forgot and decided to take Mr. Lee with me. Do they make booster seats for little dogs;or should i consider adapting one? Earlier Mr. Lee and Katrina and I took a walk to the river together - sort of together, Mr. Lee way ahead and Katrina meowing loudly from behind me. I am working on a papier mache piece and realizing how hard it is and wondering what the fuck...and yet somehow caught by the ordeal. Today Nancy brought a quilt she was working on to qigong so that she could get Fran's help pinning the back to front with the stuffing (word? batting?) after class ... I imagine that working with art in any medium is an ordeal both attractive and repulsive at the same time...and so i will continue with "heavy boots," alternately excited and despairing. Right now I think the body is all wrong - and I should have worked today and didn't! Maybe tomorrow after morning with P. I will try again to amend the proportions of legs and even go for the arms. Days ago I finished Dinaw Mengestu's How to Read the Air and still it runs thru my mind as the sky might, as back drop conversation. I love the sensibility of this writer...

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