Friday, March 25, 2011


I'm excited! the second pathology report on the melanoma I have not talked about was good, good in that the bad cells were NOT deep, which means they will not have to excise lymph. On April 6th the surgeon will take a wide cut only (1mm all around the spot, a bit longer on two ends so that they can tie it up). Yippe; I credit qigong, tumeric and the one thousand things like laughter and good thoughts and long walks. Just about to bundle up (it got cold again but we luckily missed frost last night) for a walk with Mr. Lee - who doesn't know it but is as excited as i am!! HAPPY DANCE TIME.


  1. Well now I'm relieved even though I didn't know I needed to be worried. Whew!

  2. Love the pic...glad you are well. I just read an excerpt of a book that mentioned Scripture and that God answered the prayers, not of the sick or dying but of the FRIENDS of the sick or dying..Matthew 9:6...
    Let us know the next time you need some prayers~