Thursday, March 10, 2011

Going to town!

Aunt Estelle and Ms Mice and I are off to Blacksburg to pick up Susan and Elizabeth and continue on to Giles for rehearsal - hoping for zero to light precipitation when we arrive. Fun to have the company, I should remember that I can always find a companion in my house! Mr. Lee would so love to come but he is noisier than these ladies.
We drove thru a thunderstorm, of course, but managed to bring the ladies in during a lull in the pouring rain. They look very fine in Ann's great room. I've some more dusting to do and bit of repair; there is a considerable difference in the light here in the hollar and the light on the cliffs at Ann's. Rehearsal was fine and promising!

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  1. HOLY $H!T....Too Funny! Thanks for the laugh. You should know by now that you are never alone ;)