Sunday, March 20, 2011


A piece of the sun was murdered this afternoon in devolution hollar; big golden Buff Daddy was killed by what Baldwin suspects was a big dog - possibly coyotes, along with 3 hens, 4 more are missing and presumed dead and 6 crouch in the hen house...while i was sitting in a room learning about Rasa Ayurveda. And one thing I figure is that the massacre happened in the Mars time of day, from 1:42 to 5:08 PM. Thankful that Mr. Lee was not outside and Katrina is quite ok. Baldwin says that he had come down to till in the garden and noticed that no chickens were in the chicken yard; he went to look and found the 4 bodies and then scattered live hens through the yard and even up the road; of the 4 missing, 2 were my Americanas who lay the blue/green eggs. I put rescue remedy in the water in the coop. And I've 3 eggs on the counter which Mindy and Pearl will put in the incubator in hopes that some are the children of the deceased (one is an Americana egg). Fault of the superMOON?


  1. Oh No!!!! Buff Daddy was the coolest rooster ever!! I will send you the pics I have from when we visited last summer. My boy will be sad to hear the news. Good idea on the rescue remedy. Read up on the supermoon..from what I can tell it is more hype than anything..except that we all may be creating the reality it is supposed to bring by thinking it is SUPER*

  2. ah, thanks, Faith - i would dearly love some pictures.

  3. Mar! no, not Buff Daddy...I am so sorry, he was such a handsome rooster...maybe you can get a Buff Daddy Jr. from your eggs. aww, darnit! Can you shoot varmits out there in the holler?
    Just finished reading The Crystal House and Half Broke Horses...memoir/ Jeannette Walls. Have you read them? people are infinitely interesting. Sorry about the chicken slaughter, how can you keep the guilty varmint out?