Sunday, March 6, 2011

beaucoup rain, now snow in air

The muddy swirl in the background of the picture is my creek, swollen and fierce; threatening enough that Mr. Lee did not want to cross when we tried a walk to see the big river. It seems that the rain having switched to snow for a few minutes has tapered off and perhaps Mr. Lee and I can venture out again.
Yesterday Mindy and I took P to her first play (discounting the puppet show she saw last year); today Mindy says that P's favorite parts were when the ugly duckling was born and when nanee was on stage (I was there for a moment to welcome all and to mention an upcoming library event). It is great to have a fan.
Mr. Lee is tucked legs under in a tight circle, drying off his curls - looking more like a lamb. Would be good day for book and I have good books, but instead I am winding down from intrigue within a nonprofit! I am continually surprised by people; perhaps I am naive.

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