Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dog in Pond!

Who would have thought to describe last night's storm as "dog in pond" storm? Jolted awake by clack of vivid light, crack of rumble and lonesome dog bark, I managed to fall back into sleep again and again until 6 AM. Peering off the upstairs porch at the fog trussed horizon, I scanned for the barker, noticing ripples in my no more that 6 foot wide pond - ripples more than a frog would make. I immediately hoped the heron hadn't stolen my gold fish. Downstairs with Mr. Lee barking at the door, I walked out onto the deck to see a mournful dog head with opalescent eyes stirring sluggishly in the pond. Mr. Lee made the greetings and I saw a collar. I grabbed a long board and dragged it to the pond hopeful that the beast would extricate himself with a plank. But no. I called my son who ironically has recently made a video of dog/god! Baldwin was able to haul the poor part lab to firmer ground and read the phone number to me. Radar (dog's name) has hardly use of rear legs. I called his keeper and before long, Radar was gone (although it took two trips as his owner couldn't lift him into the truck he'd first brought).

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