Friday, August 26, 2011

Earthquakes and hurricanes and a funeral

Apparently my 111 year old farm house is either earthquake loose or secure on bedrock OR I am too spacey to have noticed that there was an earthquake on August 23. Baldwin and Mindy had vivid shaking experiences while Pearl slept thru it. Now there is a humongous hurricane, Irene, in the Atlantic hours away from crossing, at least partially, the Outer Banks of North Carolina and continuing up the East Coast. The forecast is ominous.
But for my heart, the unannounced furious power of Nature was not as dramatic as earthquake and hurricane but nonetheless devastating. I attended a small funeral in a wooded clearing for a too small person in a casket that no one ever wants to see. It is small comfort to know that around the world on any morning a hurricane of too small deaths occur - the earth convulses under the feet of hundreds of families. But I am sad.

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