Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frosty mornings

The deck is so frosty in the mornings that i can skate or slip on my way to open the chickens. I've covered three small areas in the garden with plastic to fashion mini green houses in hopes of prolonging the life of arugula, chard and collards. The ends need tending to today as I've not gotten them snug enuf; if the sun stays with us, I will open these small tunnels so they don't overheat. I need to gather some pine needles or other mulch to put on the sides - probably by December. Day light savings ended and the morning is lighter and easier on the rising - but i know that i will be sad this early darkening evening as I drive into the burg for our fund raiser for Planned Parenthood.
The first light over the east ridge on the shards of frost set the hollar adazzle. I think it lightens my mind; how can i tell you? Too intent this hour on paying attention to "On Being." Later!
Of course, we are part of but one of multitudes of universes - the avenues between: black holes, i hazard.

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