Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tree down and sectioned

I debated all year whether to cut down the black walnut between my house and the spring house. The kick to action was the profuse crop of walnuts this fall! Luckily for me, Baldwin's friend Eli came and with Baldwin's help managed the feat of falling the tree without damaging house! There is more light and spaciousness. But I feel a sadness and guilt as I remember this tree, hardly a wrist in diameter when we moved here, 37 years ago and I watched it thrive after its too near neighbor maple died, toppling very close to the back porch. There is another black walnut to the north of the house, perhaps too close; it also is pending removal! Black walnuts are not easy to live with near house or garden, spreading a toxin which kills especially ever greens (I have lost several). It was a healthy tree, although branching early into three which Eli assured me was dangerous - likely to split the trunk in two. My friend Alma voted for keeping the tree as it was healthy without the canker which is attacking walnuts in the area. The day of its death, squirrels were in the limbs, jumping from the spring house roof.

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