Friday, November 4, 2011

Novel November

I hadn't heard of this challenge; 500 words a day. I can't imagine doing more than 50 each day for 30 days! I'd rather tackle a play. It's difficult to follow the day to day command; rebellious nature erupts - we question if it is as necessary as brushing our teeth. Daily I open and close my chickens, but not at the same time. Likewise with feeding my cat, my dog and bird. At my first job after college at National Geographic, I talked my editors into allowing me to come in at 8 and leave at 4 - I liked not being part of the herd? I'm not sure, but they let me do this - and I relished walking to work from 31st and Q Street to downtown DC.
Problem is when I rebel from my own best practices, as with writing every day. I am a loyal walker, every day to the river or around Red Bud - but I can avoid my room to write as if it were a ward in the asylum. Perhaps it is kin. I relish qigong daily, often more than one time in the day; why can't i transfer this discipline to writing?
There is the issue with having stopped smoking 16 years ago - sitting with a cigarette before an empty screen had its attraction! Dark attractions! This habit along with a mug of coffee which I have also given up, conspires to make writing difficult - the brain balks, memory falters - imagination blanks. I want to move. I suspect I need to better OCCUPY MY SPOT!

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