Saturday, October 22, 2011

bat gone

October 22nd and our first freeze. Thirty-seven years ago, September 15th was the first freeze date, probable I should say - but in the hollar it could be sooner than that. Impatients zapped along with tomato and pepper plants in the garden; the greens will just get sweeter and a new crop of arugula looks yummy. The blustery nights of the past several days caused such unrelenting banging of the paintings hanging outside on the porch that my little bat was frightened away from his home behind one of the canvases. Frightened or just annoyed. Grand-daughter and I just slept through the ruckus night before last. Of course, keeping up with an inquisitive mentally and physically active three year old is a great sleeping aid. And here she is in Nanee's boots!
I had thought that I would talk about the movie IDES OF MARCH which I saw with Ann, Jane and Kathy Friday; the disillusionment with male politicians because of their promiscuous behavior which sets them up for compromise, blackmail even - and political favors to garner votes. That this is not such a problem in Europe - America seems intent on holding onto its Puritan roots? I am more horrified by the buying of elections, the frightening reach of arch conservatives like Pope in North Carolina. The negative robo calls and ads blatantly deceptive. What is at the heart of the matter is that the public seems unable to question the political ads. That the voters act on promises of no taxes without realizing what the consequences will be. Cut backs in budgets in North Carolina have impacted their excellent education system - it is a travesty! And it is creeping, or should I say galloping, into Virginia. We have only been rescued from the Republican agenda because tho our Governor is Republican, our Senate is still majority Democrat. This election could change that. Very very scary.

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