Friday, October 7, 2011


If I didn't check the calendar hanging in my kitchen, I wouldn't know that it was Friday; Friday has lost its "fridayness." I don't work outside the house; I've no children to walk to the bus and to be looking forward to this day all week! There remains a sense that Friday begins the weekend - but it starts at dawn - I don't have to wait til happy hour. But I do not start drinking in the mornings; I'm not inclined to drink, except for a glass of wine in the evening while fixing dinner. However, I realize how empty a life can become without some attachment to family, work, or other routine spinning organism or construct - like pet or chickens or nonprofit! And then I have the imagined necessity or aspiration of writing a poem. Duty ebbs and flows with demands. Now I am trying to schedule poll workers to hand out sample ballots on election day - not an easy task to find enuf democrats in my neck of the county with 5 polling places. I'm not very happy with this "job," but I feel it is important to show face on election day - the face of a democrat in a republican/independent/ possible tea party area. Which gets me to Occupy Wall Street now happening all the way to New Orleans and which cheers my heart! I am delighted to join the efforts however discombobulated, virtually; and I keep wondering where locally we can begin displaying a physical presence. I suggested at qigong class a few spots: President of Tech's house or maybe Beamers place - folks whose salaries are hugely disproportionate to those under them (college athletes who are truly abused for naught). But these suggestions weren't seconded; there is a branch of Bank of America in Blacksburg and at the mall there is Well's Fargo and some other big bank branches.
I realize that since grand-daughter began preschool, Nanee has time on her hands! I don't want to fill it impulsively, and I want to hold open the possibility of spending time with little brother. A time to create. And with my house now overflowing with visual art, I have got to limit myself to writing.

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