Saturday, October 8, 2011

to know what I think I think...

I think it was Samuel Beckett who said, be alone to know what I think I think...but i've probably misquoted. The sentiment though seems pure Beckett. Yet another perfect day, the burning bush getting it on! Baldwin building rock pillars in the creek when Mr. Lee and I walked, we stopped to look for rocks and to chat while the goats ate. Too lovely out to spend time inside, thus I have neglected to work on recruiting poll workers!
I did clean the chicken coop water pan and their nests are filled with grass clippings and cat tail fluff. Oodles more black walnuts picked up and relocated; there seem to be twice as many still on the limbs! I've thrown some on the drive thinking I may be inspired to crack a few this winter - a very difficult endeavor which calls for a tool i don't have, a serious vice, i'd suppose. Fascinating to watch a squirrel deal with a black walnut - what teeth they have!
So much depends of the quality of winter! Whether I will sort through my old piles of papers or begin to scan mother's photos of her sculptures. Whether I will tackle shelling black walnuts in the thick of a snow storm!

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