Tuesday, October 11, 2011

found a yoyo

Mindless games then and now. Would a kid today know what a yoyo was? Or how to play jacks which in 6th grade my friends and I had refined to an intricate art - throwing the ball up in the air and picking up jacks and catching the ball before it bounced! I recall that the Heath twins were superior players as later they would be excellent tennis and volleyball and basketball players. This yoyo glows in the dark. Eat your heart out!
Good rain this evening, needed rain. Gusts of wind loosening a cacophony of walnuts on the deck, occasionally the tin of the shop roof. They bob in the pond; a boon year. Absolutely the hardest nut I have ever tried to crack.
Thinking of sending a check to the US Treasury in Obama's name; let's lower the deficit in Obama's term! My other notion of this rainy day was a sign to wear if I join Occupy VA Tech on Wednesday - it would call for wearing a cow head and the sign: "am I a person yet?" maybe it would need elaboration, "if a corporation is a person, than why not a cow?"
The joy of the day: eating popcorn with grand-daughter!
la- la- la!!!

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