Sunday, October 9, 2011

The irony i suppose

I so admire the Occupy Wall Street happening. I keep trying to think of a good spot to find locally to emulate what's going on in NYC and now in several larger cities. I guess I could just stand in my pjs with a sign saying down with CEO compensation in front of my virtual retirement account! I might even travel to Roanoke and pace in front of my brokerage firm; but they are a small firm, not Bank of America. I don't have a debit card. I don't know what the Occupy Wall Street folks have said about the EPA or the Republican effort to castrate most environmental regulations on air and water. But I would like to protest on this subject. Shit, I still want single payer national health insurance - hey 99% are there enough of us out there that this is worth protesting FOR??? I have been guilty of remarking for several years, "hey why aren't we out on the streets about this?" And i am rabid about the attacks on Planned Parenthood, but I doubt Occupy Wall Street wants to go there.

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