Sunday, December 2, 2012

Irie's in the sky

The last puli in the hollow has gone on to where all good dear dogs pass and we miss her. Irie or E-ya lived the longest of all the pulik and even survived cancer in spite of being OCD  and having a rock fetish. She was my first grand child! Just crazy sad is what the state is of missing dog. I am bereft.
Mr Lee and I circumabulated Red Bud in Irie's honor; I kicked a few rocks on the narrow path in remembrance. It was my first hike about the mountain this fall, since the underbrush has allowed for an easy ascent.  We have now many more dogs buried than alive and this place such a fine spot for dog. The ticks, however, are making a dog's and, for that matter, a human's life a bit more difficult. Doesn't stop me from the land walk. I want to like, Irie, walk to the river the day before I die!

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