Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sharp-shinned hawk

Yesterday afternoon I was on the phone when I heard a thud and recognized the sound of a bird hitting the glass door. It was decimals higher than usual, no chickadee or gold finch. I looked out to see on my doorstep my cat, Katrina, staring into the face of a small hawk who was leaning back on his talons moving his head back and forth almost in a twitch. I opened the door quickly and quietly and scoped up bird, who did not fight my stealth. I kicked the door closed as I turned to my cabinet with Arnica and Aconite and other remedies for just such an occasion. Managing to hold this small beautiful raptor with his (or her) bright yellow legs (which I take as a sign of youth) with one hand, I unscrew the Arnica vial and touch the dropper to the beak. Then I look for a box to place him in for a rest. I see only the sky blue bucket which is a close fit. As he rests I put some water in a saucer so that I can add Aconite. But when I pick up the hawk, he opens his wings and it is all I can do to hold him from taking off inside. I walk to the door, open it, step onto the deck and lift the bird up, loosening my fingers. Hawk takes flight - makes a circle and is gone. 
I can't find a picture of the bird in my small guide, but on line I find him:

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