Thursday, September 4, 2014

a 2 snake day

From the looks of the first snake I caught in the act of swallowing an egg, his or her body stretched across all three laying nests, this was not the first stolen egg. I grabbed it behind the unhinged jaw with egg (squeezing slightly to expel the egg) and managed to pull it out of the nests. Back in the house after several attempts (snake did figure 8's and loop de loops, more contortions that imagined), I was able to get the six foot long strong body into a cotton bag with tie. Mr. Lee accompanied me on a drive down the road to drop the thief, far enough away that I don't think he'll be back soon. However, just a half hour ago, I surprised a smaller black snake in the act of closing its jaw around an Americana pale green egg (I know because I was able to expel this egg also). I suspect these snakes were in cahoots. But I did not drive this snake as far afield. I will have to be more vigilant. 
What was more disturbing today was an incident involving Mr. Lee and I am unsure what other varmint. On the way back from our walk to the river, Mr. Lee exuberantly ran ahead (his usual manner). But shortly after I crossed the last creek crossing, I saw Mr. Lee, tail down and limping. He was so distressed that instead of walking slowly beside me, he implored me to carry him! As soon as I got into the kitchen, I got out the tincture of Ledum and gave him a dose of 30C. He lay on the floor chewing at his front right paw. I looked at it to see if it was swelling badly as I remembered that Mindy had seen a cooper head in the same area of the path. There was some swelling, but I could not find a bite. Nevertheless, because of his restlessness and the heat of his paw, I gave him a dose of Cenchris (copperhead). Soon afterwards he jumped up on his chair and napped. He seems fine now. I can't imagine that it was a copperhead bite - but I am thankful that he has recovered from whatever did attack his paw. 
I had planned to do some other things today - none having to do with snakes...

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