Monday, September 1, 2014

one month - where have I been?

Celebrating the return of summer this first day of September; August having been the coolest on record. Mr. Lee and I returned from a luscious swim an hour ago, water salubrious. Happily musing on visit by my eldest son and his family. Nothing like a room with two two year olds: Fia savvy and articulate and Tru agile in all but words. They played in the sand and water at the swimming hole cheerfully; but with the doll house inside my house, relations were testy. Tru trying to befriend, Fia wanting no interruption. As Tru's mother pointed out, two year olds don't play together - more parallel play.
The food was extravagant with garden tomatoes at every meal and fresh eggs for breakfast. Steaks with fresh herbs, roasted vegetables one night; another evening kale salad (have to make soon again: kale with currants, toasted walnuts and vinaigrette dressing), jerk chicken and rice. Good wine. Good Good company. I am re-savoring the days and evenings. Memories to take me through the winter while sipping an espresso (exquisite coffee Ez brought from Houston).  

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