Sunday, September 28, 2014

ordered new Yaktrax today

Near end of September, Maple going red on the river side of Red Bud, so I've decided to order a new pair of Yaktrax as my old pair snapped last winter. Alma says that the forecast is for a milder winter than last; but she was alarmed that I would even entertain traveling in January. I am having doubts myself of trying to visit the DR this winter. Coaxing someone to stay in my house in the winter is very difficult, but I aim to work harder on the task. The chickens are relatively easy - unless there is snow that needs to be shoveled to reach their house. Their feeder holds enough feed for 6 to 7 days and the water, ditto - and if there is snow they won't want to go into the yard. However, if very cold, one does need to break up the ice in their water basin. Katrina doesn't mind hanging out in the green house. She and Mojo and Mr Lee do need to be fed daily; and the two dogs need a daily walk. The weather is what can put a kink in the duty. ah! Alma did say that she would be a back up for me; she does not drive in snow though! I am hoping that Diane can stay - and maybe Susan.

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