Saturday, January 24, 2015

ice not snow

This was the swimming hole a week ago, today the ice coats pines and bare limbs - perhaps the roads but I am not venturing out. I had wanted to attend a Kalachakra Qigong workshop in Blacksburg, but ice and cold and cough are keeping me here. I found my card table in the shop this morning when i went to look for a new tub to hold water for the chickens. I broke the bottom out of a tub this morning with just a stick trying to break the ice - same thing happened with the other water tub when Diane was taking care of the birds. Some dynamic with twos as yesterday morning the fan downstairs in the dinning room would not work; the fan upstairs in my bedroom stopped working while i was in DR. I called Frank Walker who was good enough to come by and found that the downstairs issue was a broken wall switch; the upstairs fan is a dead fan as I had thought. Ah, so what odd thing will amuse me today? The decks are slick like skating rinks!

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