Tuesday, January 6, 2015

weighing in

Laughing at myself holding an at least 40 pound suitcase while on small bathroom scale to see if I'm over the weight limit for international travel - can't see over the suitcase to know - twisting the heavy weight to the side, still just glimpsing the dial. I know from lifting 50 pound bags of corn that it isn't quite the maximum allowed, so I set down the case and decide to wing it - I can always transfer a few items to my carry on pack. I'm getting excited about my trip to Dominican Republic. Can't wait to see those faces - that match the tiny dolls in my heart.
I couldn't have picked a better time to leave, the coldest weather of the season forecast this week with a high in the teens and a low in the oughts. My body is ready to be shocked into warmth, or should I say heat. My toes and my fingers will delight right off, and my nose! Today on the second dog walk of the day, I tied my scarf about my face as the wind was a hurt walking up to the mail box and it wasn't even below zero. Tomorrow I will need more paraphernalia.

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