Monday, January 19, 2015

Tugging back into here

False spring prompting a walk to the swimming hole where ice, thin and milky spans the space. How odd that I can stare at this beach, while playa Ballenas lingers and trumps. Two days ago I was with son and his family, now I am home again missing their faces so delicious with love. It was a wonderful trip staying in Las Terrenas in their rented house with long, wide front porch always shaded. Accompanying Pearl on the 45 minute walk to school, a small compound with open walls to the town surrounding it.Helping young True onto my lap to read his book, help open his case with puzzle blocks, or take apart the wooden sail boat and put it back together. Always the beach, everyday the beach! Everyday fresh fruit: papaya, passion fruit, mango, pineapple, bananas...avocados, limes. 
Back to the ocean, watching Pearl jump from her father's shoulders again and again. True in his mom's arms, then in his float, then in the surf - happy under the water. We walked to the where a river, crystal clear, runs out to the sea - we waded in. 

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