Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Goose egg

Mojo and I stumbled upon a nest with goose on top, neck bent like a snake - so still I first thought dead goose. I stayed back and managed to coax Mojo to follow me off the small island. Not a great spot for a nest as high water could easily destroy. When the goose moved from the nest as Mojo neared, she revealed a large egg - suitable for Faberge.

Several walks today, blustery but sunny, and although frosty morning, the garden was fine. Strawberries look good in the raised beds too. Walked in the small field behind the chicken coop, which now has several teenage black walnuts. It was the area the first years we moved here where we planted several fruit trees and even pecans. Ha! Cows and deer quickly decimated them. A decade later home to Roberta pig. Then more than a score after that Winston and Chrissy llamas romped

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