Friday, July 22, 2011

Collecting jewel weed and plantain

Surprise visitor today who is an herbalist, lives across the river in Indian Valley, came looking for Jewel weed and Plantain. I took her for a leisurely stroll down creek to the river collecting the two plants. She is fascinating, having grown up in Dominican Republic (speaks French and Spanish fluently) and having studied herbs (prompted by her experience being healed by her grandmother's herbal tea as a child). She has met my friend Alma and we are hoping to get together for dinner soon with her partner also. And most exciting is the RAIN on this muggy day, keeping the temperature in the 80's, prompting me to do some qigong in thanks under the wet sky.
Oh so luscious Cherokee Purple tomato, large as my fist, larger than my fist - for lunch. ah. Such delicious-ness sets me in speechless heaven - nothing to do by lollygag in the taste, in the communion of garden.

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