Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This bothers me:

When I mentioned to a friend that I couldn't attend something which I don't now recall because I had just heard from the dermatologist that I had another melanoma, she proceeds to pull up her blouse to show her back. Oh, I had many removed! There were discolored spots, but no scars that once had sutures, no 26 stitch long slice which I now have on my back, or 2 1/2" scar that looks like a shark bite on my left upper arm. She would be dead. She did later change her story, not melanomas. Another friend when I told her of my melanoma, two in the last 5 months, stripped off her shorts to expose what she claimed were suspect spots. I couldn't see anything. Look folks, I do NOT think that in your right mind you would take out a boob for some one to check for lumps, if that someone just told you that they had breast cancer! "Hello," my cancer is not about YOU.

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  1. Well, I think you have a good point. It's amazing, though, how insensitive we all are in different situations. One of the saddest parts about humanity is that we all suffer alone. Not to defend these folks, but it is a testament to how much we don't understand about skin cancer.