Tuesday, July 5, 2011

got scars?

There was a time, age seventeen, when I wanted scars. I wanted a scar that was a warning. This was before tattoos or I would perhaps have gone for a tattoo/a sign that would alert viewer to the fact that "this woman has suffered some trauma - tread with caution." At seventeen I took up smoking, it looked tough, I wanted to be tough. This is the dilemma of a "cute" person.
Today I have a good scar, one that looks like a wild big mouthed animal - maybe shark - took a bite out of my upper left arm. And now I have a fresh one on my back, no depth to this one, but a bit longer. It is bandaged. I won't really get a look til tomorrow. Susan says it is a good one, that our friend Ann won't like it. Susan came with me to the dermatologist's office and she got to watch the whole excision of my second melanoma. I asked the doctor if there was a chance I'd have another; I mean I'm ready to give up scars, I've got enough. He said it is rare to have three. I asked,"do they die before they get another?" The two medical students laughed with me and Dr. Hurd smiled. "no they are still alive!" Oh I was giggly - I mean, what's to do in such a situation. Glad this melanoma was insitu, and glad i didn't have to be put out. Glad I'm a giggly sort a cute 66 year old with scars!

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