Monday, July 2, 2012

baby baby

It is hot and much of Montgomery County is still without electricity, needless to say, Giles County and much of West Virginia remain hot (without fans hot)! I know what that is like, but fortunately my power returned after 24 hours. On last Friday, June 29, a very wide front, furious from record heat, in the evening blackened the sky with 60 to 75 mile winds. We got no rain, mercifully no hail. Just direct wind which knocked out power from Maryland to DC and down throughout Virginia and West Virginia. The tops of trees nearly touched the ground, some stayed down. We were lucky, just branches in the yard. Stories at qigong this morning: a neighbor was lifted in the air attempting to close a deck umbrella, another neighbor spent the night at her sister's as trees fell across the road, someone else lost their heirloom apple trees. 

On a much cheerier note, I've pictures of baby baby!


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