Saturday, July 28, 2012


If there was ever any question in my mind about the use of profanity, which I doubt, there is not anymore. Fuck perfectly describes my feeling after talking to the dermatologist Thursday afternoon. He was kind, just the bearer of bad news, this THIRD time. Not a third "black hole," commonly called melanoma, but new dark mole of errant cells which has developed smack next to the long scar on my back from the excision of the second melanoma. So I am being forwarded to a surgeon, actually the capable surgeon who extracted the first melanoma, Jolene Henshaw, who graduated from U of Arizona, (Arizona being the capital of melanomas). I'll be in good hands, but what will be left of my back? And the future is peering glum. So Fuck. I am now in serious retreat from the afternoon sun and weary of any sunshine at all. I take a too quick swim in the river or just a wade in the shade. Could be worse, no doubt...and I have plenty of diversion from dwelling on this situation. I guess I'll add a turmeric bath to  my routine which already includes turmeric in most food! 

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