Thursday, July 5, 2012

Squash Galore

Luckily my squash has come in relatively early and I distributed a bag full at Qigong this morning. I dare not complain and thanks to a phone call to Fred I have a back up plan for my newly planted beans to protect them from the rabbit/groundhog while I am in Houston, plastic bird netting. My thought is to cut it in generous size to place over the beans; Fred says that the critters dare not walk over it for fear of tangling their feet in the mesh. I hope this proves true. 
I have the notion, prompted by said referenced conversation above, that my blog is boring. No doubt this is the case as I have been prompted to account for items which I wish to remember. For instance, this morning I buried pennies by tomato plants in the garden - hoping that the copper might prove anti bacterial to the plant. It works for humans, why not plants, I thought! A penny held against in insect bite can take away the sting, for a tick bite, it can stop the infection that has caused an itch! It is an experiment. And here's a picture of two great souls of the hollar!

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  1. "Memories are all we really own" E.Lieberman

    Your blog is too beautiful to be boring, Mary!