Thursday, July 19, 2012

precious new grand daughter

Little Fia with her grand Godma. We arrived in Houston on Tuesday, driving through heavy rain much of the way, relieved to find Hotel Zaza easily in downtown by the Museum of Art. It is a direct ride to the Heights where Fia and her people live and Kingsley. Ezra suggested that Sharon and I baby sit the next afternoon so that Jen and her mom (who had not had a chance to get out of the house) get facials. We jumped at the opportunity. Because Fia had had two overnights at two different hospitals, Jen was pumping breast milk - so we could feed her. What a joy, I had forgotten the flesh/heart connection, the joy of baby lying on my chest. We enjoyed the next afternoon baby sitting again. Not so easy to leave. Glad I have 4 year old P. next door. lucky me


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