Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dear Philip

I started a note to Susan, but couldn't seem to write anything that didn't sound trite and worthless. But what would have "value" and what hasn't been said to someone grieving? And I only met her that one time at the 40th reunion. 
So I'm writing you because I know you have lost a dear close friend. And I am terribly sad to think of what a great loss this is.
I know why I loved Wick, it was no doubt selfish.  I loved being in his presence; I loved myself in his presence. He made me laugh, deep laugh. And I valued the rare times I did spend with him. I am sad up here in the mountains of Virginia, pretty far away. I am sad for you and for Susan and for his sister Mary and for all the nephews and nieces and other friends. 
I hope you are well as can be and that you will be inspired to paint or to write or to run marathons - or whatever. 
And, Philip, would he really want us to send donations to the Louisiana SPCA?


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