Thursday, November 1, 2012

"holding my breath and praying for our President!"

Quote from David von Drehle who has written a new biography of Abe Lincoln (adding to the 1600+) and was interviewed by Diane Rehm this morning. A divided America, much as it is today, the author points out - I so wish it were not so. It as if the country and world were set on following the fundamentalists back into feudalism, or some form of paternalistic government. 

On the lighter side, Winder "Cappy" Lyons just caught me online on Skype and it was delightful to touch base after 20 years. The connection was too poor for Cappy to play a song - but he has sent an album. I have to email him a scan of the photograph i've had stuck in a corner of the medicine cabinet up stairs, I'll post it here too! (winter dress in New Orleans: gloves, socks, a sweater - but shorts!")

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